13 February 2009

What did I do today?
-Read 20 pages about the Scottish Reformation
-Went running

Absolutely pitiful. It was just so hard to motivate myself to do anything else. I mean, I could read Washingtonpost.com and listen to music....or I could read incredibly dry accounts of the Scottish reformation (half of which are in Middle Scots and, therefore, barely intelligible to me).

What do I need to do this weekend?
-Email Christine Adams about SMP
-Finish reading about devotional images
-Make up handout/formulate presentation for Popular Religion on Monday
-Make up handout/formulate presentation for tutorial on Tuesday
-Get a hold of Calderwood and Spottiswoode's accounts of the ecclesiastical history of Scotland
-Finish reading about the reformation
-Formulate presentation for Blessed Union on Thursday
-Start writing my Cold War article

Spring break will never have been more well deserved. I'll have a chance to sleep on the bus down to Oxford and will probably take that Saturday off to relax. But then it will be back to work on Monday the 30th of March as I start my research in the Bodleian.

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