24 February 2009

We do what we need to be free

As foreseen, yesterday was absolutely hellish. I spent all day in the library because the fifteen or so books that I needed to read in order to complete my paper were all on reserve, meaning that I could only check them out for three hours at a time and, therefore, had to stay at the library. Perhaps I didn't have to read all fifteen books, but I am a bit of a perfectionist and felt the need to do so. In the end, however, I got incredibly sick of reading about fourteenth century wills, bequests, and burial practices, and so settled for only reading ten. (Not the entire books, mind, but the chapters that I felt pertained to my argument.)

Unfortunately, when I returned back to my room, I developed the worst case of writer's block and did not even begin to get the words flowing until 2am. I wrote from 2am to 4am, at which time I felt like I was physically dying, caved in, and went to bed. Then it was up again at 7am to finish the paper. My friend Jasy, at school in Philly, was also pulling an all-nighter in an attempt to finish her own papers. So we ended up playing online Scrabble during those moments in which I was contemplating what to write next (or felt like I had deserved a break. Of course, this amounted to about every twenty minutes or so.) In the end, the paper was finished and roughly two games of Scrabble were played. I have been told by my father that the paper didn't turn out too badly. (I would not know because I rarely feel satisfied with anything that I write. Indeed, if I posted only those blog entries that I felt were up to my full capabilities, very few entries would be published.)

The rest of the day was spent going to Popular Religion, relaxing, napping, and running. Tomorrow, it is back to the grind as I start writing my article for Retrospect.

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