01 February 2009

I am in Oxford. Things are...life is progressing as it must.

I met up with Tristan's friends Mark and Lucas on Friday afternoon, which was quite the experience as I can only imagine what Tristan has told them about me. Luckily, they actually proved to be interesting individuals (as opposed to Tristan!) and we got on quite well.

I also received my new Bodleian card (bearing the same horrible picture as before). I can only use it during the break periods in Oxford's term, but as I will be spending the first or second week of April here doing research anyways, it works out well.

It is strange to know that this is the last time I will visit Oxford for pleasurable reasons. April is for research (which means no pubbing!) and May (if I come and if he stops pressing me for a decision) to see Tristan get his degree.

Yup. Life moves on.

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