17 February 2009

2nd presentation of the week down, 1 more to go.

Plans for this weekend? Run the Great Run route, write essay (due Monday instead of Friday, but only 2000 words (instead of the 3000 that I had thought). Still-argh!), research/write Retrospect article.

A glimpse into the future: (As always to remind me of what is coming rather than to serve any useful purpose to those who actually read this blog)
Feb. 23: Medieval Europe Essay due
Mar. 1: Retrospect article due
Feb. 28/Mar. 1: Karen and Veronica are coming up to visit from Oxford. Mayhem will no doubt ensue.
Mar. 7/8: Trip to Dumfermline.
Mar. 9: 2nd Popular Religion presentation.
Mar. 16: Popular Religion and Blessed Union essays due
Mar. 18: St. Andrew's Prospective Postgrad Visiting Day (Possibly will re-visit St. Andrew's during the end of April or in May before exams)
Mar. 20: Postgrad Day at Edinburgh
Mar. 26: Leave for Oxford

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