19 February 2009

This week's round of presentations are finally done. Only two left to go for the semester (one in 9th week, the other probably 9th or 10th week.) Yesterday, I spent the entire day at New College on the Mound in the library. It actually was quite nice at first since New College is, like the Oxonian one, quite old. The library is in an old church and boasts the same type of study-desks as the Radcliffe Camera in Oxford. It made me quite happy, since I really dislike the modern feel of Edinburgh's main library. However, my happiness quickly turned to despair after I had spent five hours reading accounts of the Scottish Reformation and was no more knowledgeable than I had been previously. Indeed, by the time I made it back to Warrender Park Road, I felt as if my very soul had died.

My presentation today went alright. Not great, but not horrible either. As well as was expected, I suppose. I've taken the night off to drink a cider and listen to music because I am simply incapable of working anymore. Tomorrow it is back to the grind as I attempt to churn out my essay by Sunday morning and then start on my Retrospect article.

35 days until spring break.

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