03 February 2009

So, I am not back in Edinburgh. I went to the bus at 2am, but was told that coach service to Gatwick was suspended until 10am. A bit of a problem considering that my plane was scheduled to leave at half 6.

So I changed my ticket to Wednesday (the earliest time available) and have been enjoying my day by walking around.

God, I love this place.

I'll be back in April because I have to finish my senior dissertation, but it won't be the same as it is term break and most of the students will be gone. I've yet to figure out the logistics of this visit, but it won't be quite as pleasant as this one as I will be spending all of my time in the Bod.

Finding a place to stay nearby is going to be a bitch and a half, if this trip is any indication.

I should be back in Edinburgh by 5pm tomorrow and will be making a beeline for my bed as I am rather tired of sleeping on concrete and floors.

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