11 February 2009

I can't write paragraphs anymore

Went to Popular Religion and discussed the role of the laity within the parish community. It had snowed the night before and so the ground was a sheet of ice, so I decided not to go running (and then felt incredibly lame because I saw loads of people running in the meadows on my way to the library). Received some pretty horrible news, but am dealing with it. Spent three hours in the library researching devotinal images for Monday's presentation.

Went running in the morning. Finished presentation on the long-term significance of the early 14th century crises (any significance was overshadowed by the black death of 1348). Gave presentation in tutorial (It went alright.) Went running again.

Wednesday (today):
Finished eschatological mentalities research for Black Death presentation next Tuesday. Started research on Margery Kempe for 9th week and Pop. Religion essay. Procrastinated horribly. Went running.

Wake up incredibly early and find my way up to Police Headquarters at the city limits to get fingerprinted. Try to haul ass down to George Square for Blessed Union. (Mapquest says it is a 40 minute walk. I intend to sprint there as class starts at 11:10 and fingerprinting appointment is at 10.) Blessed Union seminar. Running? Retrospect meeting. Library.

Spend all day in library making up handouts for Black Death presentation and finish devotional image research for Popular Religion presentation. Start reading Calderwoode and Spottiswoode's histories of the Church of Scotland for Thursday's Blessed Union presentation.

Arthur's Seat.

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