12 February 2009

Choppy because I am tired. To be read over and edited later.

The moral of today: Be careful of what you wish for because you just might get it.

A noble saying, one that has proven true in my own experience on several occasions, both good and bad. It particularly applied to today. Throughout the past few weeks, I've been receiving reports that both MD and Oxford have been receiving copious amounts of snow. I'll admit that I was jealous. I haven't seen a decent snowfall in years. And I wasn't shy about voicing my jealousy to my father and friends scattered about the globe. On Sunday, we received about an inch of snow here in Edinburgh, which quickly melted on Monday morning.

Today, I awoke at the absolutely obscene hour of 7:30 (especially nowadays) in order to get ready for my fingerprinting appointment at the police headquarters. As I sat checking my Facebook and double-checking that I had my passport on my person, I realized that it was snowing quite heavily. 'How nice!' I thought, not realizing that it would not be so nice when I was walking the 3 miles to the police station. It wasn't so bad in the residential areas, which had not been heavily trafficked since walking on the snow provided some measure of traction. It was much worse on Princes Street where the snow had become slush and quite slippery to walk on. I left Warrender Park Rd at 8:45, expecting to arrive at the police headquarters around 9:30 (my appointment was at 10). Several wrong turns and slips later, I only just barely made it at 9:50.

It was much worse coming back since the appointment lasted until 10:20 and I had a class at 11:10. I had expected to run back, but the slush made it barely possible to walk, much less. This, coupled with the fact that my glasses kept blurring horribly, made for a very unpleasant walk. Luckily, my hauling ass meant that I got to class at 11:05.

I am not such a fan of snow anymore. (Although, incidentally, if you want an interesting challenge, go running on ice. It certainly makes you concentrate on what you are doing.) ((And no, Dad/Mum, I did not purposely go running on ice. When I was running on Tuesday/Wednesday, there just happened to be patches of ice in the way. I did not fall/trip/die.))

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