25 February 2009

Only The Strong Survive

30 days until spring break...

In 30 days time I will be sitting in Oxford meeting the people I will be living with for the three weeks, hanging with Karen, and preparing to start my research for my SMP. Even though I will be spending long days in the Bodleian, it will be on my own terms. I won't have any pressing deadlines to stress me out. I won't have to prepare any presentations or papers in two or three days time. It will be wonderful. Knowing that it is probably the last time that I will spend any length of time in Oxford (because, lets face it, my chances of getting into Oxford Uni are very slim) makes it all the more bitter-sweet.

In the meantime, I am just trying to survive the rest of the work that I have to do. I took the afternoon off so that I could destress and am now preparing to go running. My flat is having a party tonight, but I very much doubt that I will be able to go because I have to finish my research for my Retrospect article, which is the main concern of this week.

7th week: (This week)
Thursday: Medieval Europe lecture, Blessed Union. Work on article. Retrospect meeting. Retrospect pub quiz.
Friday: Karen and Veronica arrive!
Sunday: Retrospect article due.

8th week:
-Work on Popular Religion paper/prepare Popular Religion presentation. (Both are on Margery Kempe, so they are interconnected.)
-Weekend: Dumfermline

9th week:
-Work on Blessed Union paper on James I/VI's foreign policy dealings with Spain
Monday: Popular Religion presentation
Thursday: Blessed Union presentation

10th week:
Monday: Popular Religion and Blessed Union papers due by noon.
Wednesday: Grad School visit to St. Andrew's
-Weekend: Oxford

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