29 January 2010

Despite considerable evidence to the contrary, I have not completely dropped off the face of the earth. I will update soon. Perhaps tomorrow.

19 January 2010

First day of my last undergraduate semester. Good news: I don't have to buy any textbooks this semester. Bad news: I may find out if it is possible to die due to washing brick for four hours straight.

Explanations later.

13 January 2010

Thank goodness! Today I submitted my application for the MPhil International Relations program at Oxford. It is a program that, when I read the description, is absolutely perfect for me. I've poured my heart and soul into this application. Hopefully it will not be for nought.

In other news, I can finally release the information that I've been withholding for the past few weeks. In May, I will be leaving to spend three months in Edinburgh, where I will be the intern at the US Consulate. This will be my second internship with the Department of State and I am incredibly excited.

11 January 2010

So, what is new:
1. I have one week left before I return to St. Mary's for my last semester of undergrad.
2. I was rejected from LSE :(
3. I am almost finished (as in one reference away) from finishing my Oxford applications.
4. Said applications have been waking me up at night from worry. I will be glad when they are over as I need my usual four hours.
5. One of my closest friends from Oxford is spending a semester in DC, which means that upon his arrival, the Oxford gang will be together again! I can't wait.

02 January 2010

In two weeks time I will be able to come clean with my big news from early December. It is big!

Anyways, break is moving progressively forward. I've seen several of my favorite people, and still have a few more to see before school resumes. New Year's came and went with little fanfare. 2010: the year I graduate, the year I hop across the pond on a more permanent basis, the year of changes. I enter this year in a very happy state; life could not be better.

On the grad school front, I am finishing up my applications to Oxford (I still need to get my second writing sample, the Somalia paper, down to 2300 words from 10000 -- quite the task, and write my personal statement) and St. Andrew's (just waiting for SMCM to send me my transcript). Almost done...I can't wait.