07 February 2009

They are coming.

Exactly what is coming, you might ask. I could answer with a very cryptic and perfunctory 'they' but that would be quite rude. The first few weeks of hell are approaching. Monday marks the beginning of 5th week (out of 11) and with it comes my first actual presentation for class. I have to talk for thirty minutes on the long-term significance (if any) of the Great Famines of the early fourteenth century. Needless to say, it has been an absolutely thrilling few days spent poring over manorial records of grain, oat, and barley yields. Thrilling. (For those who didn't quite catch it, that was an example of sarcasm.)

Ah well, this is what being a history major entails.

6th week is going to be the real killer. I have three presentations (Monday for Popular Religion, Tuesday for Black Death tutorial (easy), and Thursday in Blessed Union) and then have to immediately begin writing my Medieval Europe final essay and my article for Retrospect on the rise, fall, and rise again of Russia, both due in 7th week.

I'm trying to keep my head in the game, but sometimes it is hard. At least the running has been helping me keep focused. It clears my mind, prevents any one emotion from becoming dominant. Calm, cool, collected. It's what I have to be if I am going to get this and my SMP done at the same time.

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