12 March 2009

You know it is close to the end of term when:
* You can't be bothered to do things that are necessary in order to sustain life, such as eating or sleeping.
* You greet your flatmates with 'How is the paper coming?'
* Your room looks like a textbook exploded due to the large amounts of paper scattered about.
* You know where everything you need is in the assorted piles and pale at the thought of someone cleaning it up.
* You've forgotten what day it is on several occasions.
* You bring your book to the bathroom in order to read while brushing your teeth.
* You have papers tacked to the walls reminding you when things are due, and just notes in general.
* 'Dressing to impress' is no longer in your vocabulary and will not reappear until everything is handed in.
* The thought of 'only 4 days until it is over' inspires an odd combination of terror and excitement in you.
* You forget that life used to be care-free and that you complained about not having enough work to do. HA! What a fool you were.

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