06 March 2009

By this time in 2 weeks, I will be free...

Sat, 3/7: The main library is going to be closed for maintenance (can't they do that on Sunday when they only open for 12 hours instead of the whole of Saturday) so I am trekking to New College library and attempting to get research one.

Sun, 3/8: Library from Noon until whenever I get my paper and presentation done.

Mon, 3/9: Exam dates are posted. Popular Religion presentation on the reactions to Margery Kempe.

Tues, 3/10: Medieval Europe lecture. Tutorial.

Wed, 3/11: FINISH Popular Religion paper (or at least have it ready for editing). Research/prepare Blessed Union presentation.

Thurs, 3/12: Medieval Europe lecture. Blessed Union presentation. Retrospect meeting.

Fri, 3/13: Joan of Arc lecture. Finish Blessed Union paper.

Sat, 3/14: Write/finish Joan of Arc paper. Edit all three papers.

Sun, 3/15: Continue editing. Hate life.

Mon, 3/16: Turn in all three papers. Hopefully will still be alive. Popular Religion. Sleep.

Tues, 3/177: Medieval Europe lecture. Tutorial. Pack!

Wed, 3/18: St. Andrews grad interview!

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