12 March 2009

I wish that the aim of honours essays was to answer the question in the least amount of words possible. If this were the case, my essays would look something like this:
1. Why did Margery Kempe in 'The Book of Margery Kempe' provoke such hostile reactions?
She was annoying and no one could be bothered to listen to her anymore. It was better to accuse her of being a Lollard and hope that the would burn her so that the general populace could get some rest from her 'pious' weepings and roarings.

2. Was the union of 1603 a welcome relief or a threat to national aspirations?
It posed a threat because the English were xenophobic and the Scots were worried about losing their sovereign status.

And so, in the course of two or three sentences, I have answered questions that I will, ultimately, have to write over 6,000 words on.

I am angry, bitter, and tired of writing. I haven't had a break since August (and even then I had just written a paper about the Grameen bank).

The 18th is looking sooo good right now. I can't wait!

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