22 March 2009

Schedule Next Semester?

The schedule of courses appeared on the Portal today, causing me to freak out and plan out my schedule for next semester.

Granted, this all depends on what I can get into. However, at the moment my ideal schedule is as follows:

1. ANTH357: Archaeological Analysis/Curation. Tuesday/Thursday 2:00-3:50PM
2. HIST395: Theories and Uses of History. Monday/Wednesday 2:40-4:30.
3. HIST493: St. Mary's Project (Whenever)
4. POSC318: Politics of Terrorism Monday/Wednesday/Friday 1:20-2:30
5. POSC345: Politics of the Middle East Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10:40-11:50 OR
POSC351: Constitutional Law (at the same time as the other class)

I can definitely get into the two history and the one anth class. It is going to be a pain in the ass getting the overload and into the politics courses. However, I want to get into poli sci honor society so...yeah.

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