26 March 2009

Give Me One Reason to Stay Here, And I'll Turn Right Back Around

Hampton Court Palace was lovely, but more on that later.

I am currently finishing my last essay of my third undergraduate year whilst sitting in the History Faculty Library (which I like a little bit less than St. Peter's College and a bit more than the Bodleian). It is hard to concentrate on coursework when you can simply look outside to Broad Street and people-watch. (It is currently raining fiercely so most people are running for shelter.)

Once this essay is done, I still need to finish my internship applications (two are due tomorrow) and start some graduate school applications. I have an interview at St. Andrews on the 22nd of April, so perhaps it might be best to make sure that my personal statement and future goals are quite clearly defined.

I am so going to miss Oxford. Part of me feels like it might not even be worth it to apply to the University because I am afraid that the rejection will ruin my fondness for the city.

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