10 March 2009

It's That Time Of Year Again

Registration for classes is rapidly approaching. Senior year. Finally! (I don't know why I am expressing relief at the end of my undergraduate career since it is only going to get worse if (big if) I get into graduate school.) For once (other than coming into this year), I am looking forward to the start of the fall semester. I am going to be rooming with Karen from CMRS and suiting it up with cool people, and will almost certainly be living in Waring Commons (where I lived in second year). It is going to be great and will hopefully make up for the fact that, academically, the year is going to be absolute hell.

Proposed classes (as far as I can plan them out considering that the fall schedule of classes has yet to be published):

1. HIST395: Historiography: Theories and Uses of History (Absolutely boring, but I am hoping to get Musgrove or Barrett (if either of them are teaching it) because: a) I've had both of them before and, b) they will make the subject interesting).
2. Museum Studies Elective (Finish out the minor, save for the internship. Probably will be in either Anthropology or History. (Will NOT be 'Archaeology of Gardens' Mom!))
3. HIST493: St. Mary's Project (Senior dissertation.)
4. Political Science upper division elective
5. Political Science upper division elective (I'll admit, I want to get into the Politics Honors Society.)

Yup. So...that's it for now. Three papers due Monday and a presentation on Thursday. I will be dropping off the face of the earth from here on out in order to get all of this done. Hopefully, I will survive.

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