23 March 2009

We've Got Nothing To Lose

Wow. I leave Edinburgh and my blog suddenly becomes quite popular.

Wednesday: After saying goodbye to my flatmates, I lugged my duffel bag and backpack the two miles to Waverley train station. After getting lost whilst looking for my platform, I finally boarded the train to Glasgow. It was interesting to get to see the Scottish countryside, especially I have remained mainly in Edinburgh during my time in Scotland. When I come back in April I am going to make a concerted effort towards visiting more of the country. I got off at Glasgow Queen and found my way to Central station where I boarded the train towards Ayr. I arrived at Prestwick Airport roughly three hours before my flight was due to depart, checked my baggage, and settled in for the long wait. The flight itself was not that bad, although the landing terrified me (as we ended up skidding onto the grass). I caught the bus from Stansted to London, and then the Oxford Tube to Oxford, arriving roughly twenty minutes before 2AM. As always, I find that there are no words to adequately describe the mixture of exhileration and excitement that struck me as the bus drove down the Cowley road. I was coming home. Still, I must admit that this visit is a bit bittersweet for me. In all likelihood, it is the last time that I will ever come to Oxford.

After moving in at Woodbine Place (past the Castle and the Quaking Bridge), I went shopping at Primark for those things that I had been unable to bring down from Edinburgh and which are necessities for life (such as bed linen and shampoo). I met Karen at the Mitre for tea, relaxed a bit back at my room, and then went to CMRS to watch 'Skins' in the common room. It was weird being back at St. Michael's Hall. Part of me wants to still consider it home, but it is not. I kept expecting to see Elysa in room 25 or Tony wrapped up in the blue comforter in the corner of the common room.

I had hoped to see Karen off to the train station on Friday morning before she left for Paris; however, we each had our respective problems in getting up on time and I missed her. I spent most of the day in the Bodleian's Upper Camera beginning my research. Things are progressing well, but I can already tell that I am going to tire of the Jacobites very soon. Friday night was Tristan's 23rd birthday party at the Turf where I met his parents. It was...as awkward as one might expect. The evening ended rather poorly, but such is life.

I had intended to get to the Bod early on Saturday, but was thwarted in my efforts due to the fact that the Oxford Folk Festival was taking place on New Rd, Cornmarket, Queen, and Broad. I got so distracted watching the parades of Morris dancers that I didn't get to work until 12. Still, as I sat on Cornmarket listening to the music and enjoying the beautiful weather, I realized that I had made the right decision in coming south for break. I was...content. More than that, I was (and still am) the happiest that I have been in a long time. Not to say that I was unhappy in Edinburgh, but Oxford is...different. It holds an appeal for me that cannot be explained. Being here is absolutely wonderful. Anyways, after putting in a few hours of research, I went running in Christ Church (amazing, as always).

On Sunday the Bod was closed and so I went running in Christ Church for several hours. The weather was beautiful and, as it was Mothering Sunday, loads of families were about the meadows. It was a bit sad for me since my own mother is, of course, back home in the States. I wish that she could come to Oxford to see the place that I love. To make matters worse, I will also be missing the US Mother's Day. I suppose that I will have to make it up to her whilst I am home for the summer. Sunday afternoon was spent at tea with Veronica and then making a (failed) attempt to greet Karen at the train station. We went to pub quiz at Far From the Madding Crowd, to O'Neills for a round, and then hung out at CMRS for a while.

I am happy. This is the best decision that I have made.

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