26 January 2011


I started writing a new blog entry at 7:30pm when I finally finished eating, showering, and recovering after today's cross country race, but, unfortunately (and not all too surprisingly considering my incredible time-wasting abilities), time escaped me and it is now too late to actually finish that post. Yes, at 10:47PM it is bed-time. Back in the day (as in less than two weeks ago), my family and friends used to accuse me of early onset elderlyism (this is a word as of right now) due to my fondness for single-malt whisky and penchant for reading AARP magazine (which I have a subscription to via my father). I used to laugh this off or indignantly reply in the negative but I am beginning to believe that this is perhaps more true than I would like to acknowledge. Even though I don't actually fall asleep for hours due to my chronic insomnia, I still need to be in bed, lying down, by 11 or else I am absolutely crabbit the next day.

Fun Fact: Crabbit is Scottish slang for ill-tempered, grouchy, curt, in a bad mood (especially in the morning)

In the upcoming post to be released tomorrow:
1. Running (6.5 miles yesterday morning followed by a 2-mile cross country race in Reading)
2. BUCS in Birmingham (the excitement begins!)
3. Library Etiquette (or, why I don't go to the library)
4. Life in general

Nothing too exciting, but at least it is something. (And proof to the parentals that I am still alive, kicking, and have not suddenly booked a flight to Morocco or Burkina Faso because I am 22 years old. (DISCLAIMER: I wouldn't because I am very close to my parents...and because I hope to resume living in their house when I return to the US in four months. Pissing them off would be a very bad thing in that regard.)

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