02 January 2011

'Blinded by the Light'

2011 is here! I kicked off the first day of the year by waking up at the absolutely ridiculous hour of 4:15AM (made more unappealing when coupled with the fact that I didn't actually fall asleep until 3:30). Seriously, I didn't get up this early even when I was doing crew. Back then, I got to sleep until a somewhat more tolerable 4:50. Still, I managed to wake up with minimal (audible) grumbling and drove my Dad the twenty-five minutes to BWI so that he could catch his flight to Hawaii.

After collapsing into bed upon my return home, I was able to get another few hours of sleep, grab breakfast, and then go for my first run of 2011. Managed 6.44 miles (closer to 6.75 since I somehow managed to stop my Garmin early on in the run) at a pace of 7:36. Not too shabby. Now if I could only get rid of the lingering pain in my toes/ball of left foot, then I'd be set.

Tomorrow brings new adventures: making a cheesecake (my first time!) for my brother's 20th birthday on the 3rd...and celebrating my 1-year anniversary with Drew. :)

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