24 November 2009

Thirteenth week is here and, for the most part, over, considering that we go on Turkey break this afternoon. It is coming at an opportune moment for me as I am getting ill after having put myself through hell the past few weeks.

Last week was mostly unremarkable save for the fact that I spent Tuesday afternoon fulfilling my ODK service requirement by volunteering with FLOW Mentoring at the Chesapeake Charter School. I spent four hours helping a group of children ages 9 to 12 decorate sugar cookies, which we then took the worst nursing home I have ever seen. It was in a terrible state and I am amazed that such conditions are allowed in this day and age. It is rare that something like that affects me so, but I was incredibly upset after leaving and it took me a while to recover from the experience. The rest of the week was spent preparing for my SMP meeting on Thursday and writing my 25 page paper for the Politics of Terrorism.. It turned out quite well and it was such a relief to hand it in on Friday.

The entire weekend was spent doing the research for my 15-page Historiography paper. I started writing on Sunday night (the earliest possible time that I could do so) and finished shortly before the deadline of 2:30 on Monday. It came out at 20 pages and I am taking my father's word that it was a good paper. We shall see.

Now I have a few days to 'relax' (as if I ever could do such a thing) before my Politics of the Middle East paper and Archaeology analysis are due. Then its finals. Blah.

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