06 November 2009

I have recently been facing some criticism for my failure to update this blog regularly. I keep meaning to...but find myself too busy to actually get around to it.

My life these days centers around the following: working at the archaeology labs at Historic St. Mary's City, working at the campus store, going to class, working on my SMP (which is slowly consuming my life), working on the 4 massive papers I have due soon, and going to the gym. The gym/track are my sole stress relievers these days. I go 5-6 days a week and average about 4.5 miles a night. Karen usually goes with me. It has paid off...a few weeks ago i ran a 5k for suicide prevention and came in at 26:44 which, considering that I had (and still have) an injured ankle and experienced a rather nasty fall about 3.5km in, is not too shabby.

Back to Somalia and the plague (two topics which are neither cheery nor uplifting).

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