04 November 2009

10th week... 5 more left to go.

Hallowgreens was last weekend. Several of my friends (and by this I mean a veritable herd - 6 people) came from home and stayed in the suite. Despite being separated from them, I had an awesome time. I met some great people and engaged in a great round of mud wrestling (literally -- the green space in the townhouses flooded due to the pouring rain) with Brian and Karen. It was an excellent final Hallowgreens.

I am currently finishing the research for my 25-page Terrorism paper and 1st Oxford writing sample -- Failed States & Terrorism: Fighting Radical Islamism in Somalia. I now know more about Somalia than I ever thought possible. Except a rant on it sometime in the near future.

I am finishing up my final lab hours at Historic this week. The achievement is bittersweet since what I spent the past 40 hours doing --washing, labelling, and cataloguing artifacts -- is what I will be doing 20 hours a week next semester. I imagine that I might start to dream about rusted iron blobs and trying to figure out whether they are wrought, cut with wrought heads, cut, or wire nails. Ugh.

Today was my last advising appointment at St. Mary's. My schedule next semester will be as follows:
Monday: Serve as Research & Collections Intern at Historic 8:30-5:00
Tuesday: BIOL101 10-11:50; Bio Lab 1-2:50
Wednesday: Intern at Historic 8:30-5:00
Thursday: BIOL101 10-11:50; SMP meeting 4-4:30
Friday: Intern 8:30-12:30

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