02 June 2010

So I'm back in the UK and have been for the past three days. I'm leaving Oxford today for London before heading up to Edinburgh on June 4th. I was incredibly ill with some sort of stomach flu yesterday and was forced to spend the entire day in the hotel room. Luckily, I am feeling much better today.

Today I am also celebrating my 5 month anniversary with my boyfriend, who is the love of my life. It feels weird writing both of those statements, a) because I never thought anyone could spend that long with me before growing tired, and b) because I never actually thought I would meet someone whom I loved. Well, I can honestly say that I love Drew and that meeting him was probably the most significant and influential event of the past year. Leaving him at the airport on Sunday hurt so badly that it felt as if my very heart were breaking. I know that I will see him in 27 days (he is coming to Edinburgh on his way back from Greece!) but I still miss him terribly. I pray to God that we can make it through this separation (and the harder one that comes this fall).

More later as we are getting ready to check out of the hotel and catch the bus back to London.

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