21 June 2010

It is 8:07PM here and the sun is still shining as brightly as if it were 2pm. In fact, it won't even consider setting until 10, at which point the sky will take on some semblance of darkness, but will never completely make the commitment to becoming night. At 3am, the sun will be back up and undoubtedly blazing through my window. Such is life in the Auld Reekie.

Work at the Consulate last week consisted mainly of planning for the fourth of July party which, somewhat unfortunately, is taking place on my birthday. Ah well. I have a new black tie gown that I plan on wearing (despite the 'business' dress code) that is absolutely beautiful, so as long as I don't spill a Lynchburg Lemonade on myself, I should be fine.

This past week was fairly eventful. I made tofu for the first time (tofu and vegetable pesto pasta), ran with the Edinburgh Athletic Club, and successfully washed laundry in my flat's washing machine (which is extremely hard to figure out). So...yup.

My former suitemate Chris is arriving in Edinburgh tomorrow night to visit me until Saturday. He has been on a study trip in Greece for the past month, so it will be interesting to hear about his experience.

That is all for now. I have seemingly lost my ability to string sentences together in any coherent form, so I may as well quit now. 

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