01 December 2009

I received an unexpected job offer today. Without going into much detail, I can tell you that if I fail to get into graduate school that I can at least expect to be working in Edinburgh, Scotland by this time next year.

It is a pleasant feeling to know that one has someplace to be.

In other news, today was almost the perfect day. I have not been so happy in a long time. The job offer and an A on my Historiography paper (completed in under 2 days for those who do not remember) had a little bit to do with it, but not entirely. As to the rest.... :)

SMP outline, archaeology lab report, and a 20-page hydropolitics paper due before the 12th. Four exams before the 17th. Excellent.

In the meantime, I am procrastinating by working on my graduate school applications to Oxford, Edinburgh, and St. Andrews. :)

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