06 December 2009

This was an excellent week, mostly for reasons that I cannot and shall not disclose here.

I can say that there is a strong possibility (VERY strong) that I will be in Edinburgh as soon as two weeks after graduation until August. For legitimate purposes, mind you. Unfortunately, I cannot say any more about this as of right now. But it is a separate offer from the job offer that I had mentioned previously.

It is as if the floodgates of possibility fell open this past week. The future is uncertain, but thrilling all the same.

In other news, it is snowing everywhere else in Maryland, but not here at St. Mary's. Scratch that: it did snow for about ten minutes but did not stick. Instead, it rained and maintained a steady bone-chilling temperature all day. Absolutely miserable. It doesn't help matters that Waring Commons, where I live, has been freezing for the past two days. The air-conditioning keeps turning on periodically and I have been forced to wear gloves in order to get any work done at all. Between the cold and the incredibly dull reading that I have to complete on hydropolitics (for my paper due on Friday), I have spent the day feeling as if I am slowly dying. Not a pleasant feeling at all, to be sure.

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