17 December 2009

Life keeps trucking along, for whatever reason. Every day I wake up from my four hours of sleep amazed that morning has come again.

The past two weeks have been absolutely hellish. In the past fourteen days, I've given two presentations, given a lecture on Somalia, argued in a debate, written 2 15-page papers and 1 25-page paper, and taken two exams. I am burnt out, both physically and mentally. I've been so geared up and stressed out that sometimes it takes going to the gym twice a day in order to tire myself out to the point where I can actually attempt to get some semblance of sleep.

Despite all of this, I am content and happy (Two words that do not often appear in a sentence accompanied by 'I am'). I am aware that things have a habit of changing quite quickly, so I shall just hope for the best and remember how I am feeling at this moment.

That said...I am now done with fall semester of senior year!!!!!!!! Thank god!

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