27 August 2008

Every day I sit in front of my computer struggling to think of something interesting to write here. Unfortunately, nothing of note (or, indeed, even mildly interesting) happens to me during the daytime. And even if it did, I doubt I would be able to wittily relay it here. My true writing talent seems to only manifest itself during the night in the minutes before I fall asleep.

The majority of today was spent getting used to my new bridge (yes, after twelve-something years, I finally have all of my teeth and am free of orthodontic appliances!), bicycling around Scaggsville/Fulton, being a good friend, and making half-hearted attempts at packing. I'll admit, I'm a bit OCD when it comes to packing. I've been making lists for Oxford since around January. Unfortunately, I'm a tease; all talk, no action. And so my oversized suitcase lays dejectedly on my father's bedroom floor, haphazardly filled with too many pairs of socks and running spandex, and nowhere near enough pants. I suppose I will get down to business once we hit the 5 day mark. Definitely by the 1 day mark.

Lost motivation and inspiration right...here. :(

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