20 August 2008

14 days left until I leave.

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On Sunday, my friends threw Jasy and me a surprise goodbye party. What made it even better was the fact that I thought it was just a surprise party for Jasy, so I helped choose the decorations and party supplies. It was a British-themed party, of course, since Jasy is going to school in London while I am in Oxford. Anyways, it was an absolutely brilliant party. Everyone was dressed up nicely (since it was also the 'end of summer pretty party') and Christina made a British flag cake from strawberries and blueberries. We dined on the very classy traditional dish of fish and chips (fish sticks and french fries), as well as lemon tarts, pizza, and raspberry scones.

Afterwards, we went to Christie's house for our last bonfire of the summer. It was quite fun, even if the jiffy pop was defective and the boys used their best efforts to set Christie's yard on fire. However, we did come close to actually getting a song from Matt and Juicy, so that could be considered quite the achievement. Maybe next time we will get a song. We can hope, right?

Tonight is Amy's goodbye party. I can't believe that the fall is finally here. On Monday, my brother will head off on the bus for his final year of high school. How crazy is that? I remember when he was in third grade and would scream that he refused to go to fourth grade, that this was his final year of school. Now he is a senior and attending the community college part-time.

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