29 May 2011

Several things:

1. I've applied for another job. I must not like freedom or something. I told myself (and everyone else) that I would RELAX this summer and enjoy my last bit of 'me' time before plunging into the real world. That lasted all of about a week before I submitted my first job application. I'd really really like to get this job, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

2. Being back in Maryland and in the brief 'off' period before I start training for my next marathon, I've been able to get back into barefoot running. It has made me realize just how much I missed running in my Vibrams

3. I experienced the wonder that is the Georgetown Cupcake bakery yesterday. I went down to DC to have dinner/happy hour with my friend Brad and he bought me a cupcake from this famous bakery! (It has it's own show on TLC - the true measure of success). I got a chocolate cupcake with chocolate ganache. Delicious.

4.  Alex and I went to Great Sage restaurant in Clarksville, one of Maryland's best vegetarian establishments. I highly recommend it as it was absolutely wonderful. We also saw the Hangover 2. Considering that I hadn't seen Hangover 1, I felt like I missed out on some of the jokes. However, it was not a bad movie, all things considered.

5. Tomorrow I am heading up to Catonsville to run the Patapsco Trail race. The race organizers describe it as 'difficult'. I would consider it 'hellish'. Last year, I finished the race crying due to the sheer number of steep uphills in the 7 mile race. If I don't finish in the same state tomorrow, I'll consider it a success.

Hot weather running tips coming tomorrow! Also: does anyone know what is the easiest/cheapest way to travel around in Canada?

Edit: Just realized that I am seriously going to have to start proof-reading these things. I seem to have developed the annoying habit of picking a word and then reusing it at every possible opportunity. This needs to change ASAP. 

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