11 May 2011

A Brief Hiatus


It's that time of year again! Exams! Which means that the stress levels are through the roof, my tolerance levels are zilch, and my daily interactions with other humans has been limited to the person operating the til at Elsey & Brent when I buy my daily veg. The atmosphere of tension and misery is palpable when you enter my room. In sum: I'm currently not much fun to be around, not for myself and most definitely not for other people.

Thankfully, this is the last time that I have to go through an exam period. Unfortunately, the 2 exams that I will be sitting within the next 5 days each count for 50% of my core module grades. So there is a lot at stake at the moment. The pressure is intense and, to be honest, I am just doing everything that I can to make it through the next week in a reasonable physical and emotional state. (Current success status: dismal.)

Since I don't assume that any of you particularly want to hear about how I fluctuate between indifference and freaking out that I am going to fail, I've decided to take a brief hiatus from blogging until Monday night when I've finished both exams. If I don't return by the middle of next week then it is safe to assume that the stress was too much and I simply imploded.

Ok...feeling incredibly guilty for having taken the time to even write this. Back to reading about Foucalt and Habermas. (Gag)

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