22 May 2011

I'm back in the US. Life is going.

Friday was really, really rough. History repeated itself and I literally felt like I was experiencing some horrific form of deja vu.

Anyway, life will return to normal eventually. What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger and I have become adept at forgetting the past. I'm currently distracting myself by studying for the Foreign Service Officer Test. I'll be taking it on June 7th at the community college in Catonsville. We will see how it goes this time around.

More later.

EDIT: On Sunday, May 29th I'm running the Patapsco Trail Race in Catonsville. It is a '6-7 mile trail run' that involves fording a river, crossing a swinging bridge, climbing mountains (not really but the hills are killer), and traversing train tracks. I finished crying last year. BUT...it's fun, really. Anyone want to tag along? Or if anyone wants to join for the May 30th Remembrance Run in Columbia...

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