09 December 2010

V is for Victory

Today was a good day.

Ok...it wasn't. The past five minutes have been good though. And since everyone says that it is how you end your day that really matters, and since I am planning on jumping in my bed within the next 5 minutes, I suppose that this makes it a good day. (For the record: not 'everyone' says this. In fact, now that I think about it, I've never actually heard anyone say this. But it sounds good in theory, so let's run with it.)

Why was today good?

1. I finished my second of three presentations for International Politics of the Middle East. It was a risky move choosing Kuwait as a case study for militarization in the ME, especially since it was mentioned only twice (and very briefly at that) in the 200 pages of readings that we had. But it turned out to be the right choice.

2. I was selected to represent the University of London (of which King's College is part) at the British Universities & Colleges Sport's 2011 XC Championships in Birmingham, England on February 5, 2011. This holds tremendous meaning for me -- look for my motivational post coming soon!

3. I finished my 'Theories of IR' essay on interpretive theories. It was a hellish experience because many of the ideas are so difficult (for me at least) to grasp, but it is done now. Victory is mine! Even better, I will have time to go for a run tomorrow morning and not feel guilty about having stepped away from my computer. Brilliant!

Why the Rocky picture? Well, I was looking for a picture of someone conquering interpretive IR theories. In my mind, this would have been represented as someone standing on top of a mixture of very confusing words/nonsense with a sword and a smug look. Unfortunately, what is in my mind did not have a corresponding picture in reality, and so I decided to use a picture of Rocky, since this is the only other thing my essay-addled mind currently associates with 'victory'.

Well, that and 'victory gardens'. But that would have been even less appropriate.

By the Numbers: (Who do I think I am? NPR?)
Days until I hop the Pond: 8
Days until Christmas: 16
Items separating me from the holidays: 1 Theories lecture, 1 Theories seminar, 1 OSINT lecture, 1 IPME seminar, 1 dissertation topic proposal 

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