14 December 2010

I started this post yesterday about a salad that had gone horribly wrong. In fact, for perhaps the first time in my life, I had to push the salad away as it was completely inedible. What's worse is that I made it myself (albeit using a salad base from M&S and the limited ingredients I had here in my flat). Salad fail.

I'm currently very, very ill with the pla...a 'cold'. It started on Saturday as a mild tickling in the back of my throat and culminated last night in a full out fever, complete with dizziness and strange dreams. It was unpleasant and I still feel quite disoriented, especially since it has been ages since I've actually had a fever. Usually that is the 'illness indicator' of last resort for my body. As a result, I've essentially been a hermit today, venturing out of my room to the kitchen and to the laundry room on the other side of my apartment complex. My constant companions have been a mug of hot chocolate (my Swiss Miss 25-calorie Hot Chocolate in fact!!!!), water bottle, and a roll of toilet paper that is steadily dwindling as the day progresses. I am racing in the Celtic Solstice 5 miler in Druid Hill on Saturday and need to be well (enough) to race.I conked out for several hours this afternoon, rousing myself only to make dinner (couscous with beans and corn along with a cheese (2 slices cheese between 2 pieces bread, not melted) sandwich), although 'make' consisted largely of throwing things together because I felt too unwell to actually attempt cooking.

In other news, the past ten minutes have been productive. I finished my Christmas cards, to be posted tomorrow, and have finished my Christmas shopping for family (thank you Amazon.com). Brilliant.

Monument to soldiers from Southwark lost in the war covered in snow (as for which one, I surmise one of the WWs)

Reindeer petting at Covent Garden market

Covent Garden market holiday decorations

Western approach to St. Paul's Cathedral

Holiday decorations outside St. Paul's

And the tree!

St. Paul's with its holiday decorations in the daylight

My room: view from the doorway (I was literally as far back as possible in the hallway to take this picture, that's how small it is). There is a closet hidden behind the yellow door.

Left side of the room. Desk, closet (once again hidden), and guest chair. Above the desk is a set of cupboards for dry food goods.

Right side of the room (I was standing on the guest chair with the zoom as far back as it will go and still couldn't fit it in because it was too close).

Right side of room: Bathroom. Sink is at the far left, curtain separates toilet and shower (the knob of which is just visible at far right) from the sink. Yes, I have to shower with my toilet. Usually the lid is down during these events, however.

By the Numbers:
Days left until Home: 3 (basically 2 at this point)
Christmas shopping remaining: None, other than buying gift wrap when I get home
Number of tissues used: 1 entire roll of toilet paper (you use what you've got, ok?)
Academic commitments between me and home: 1 IPME seminar 4-530 on Thursday

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