19 November 2010

My Dad arrives in London tomorrow morning for the express purpose of visiting me. He will stay for a little under a week and we have quite the agenda ahead of us! He doesn't know it yet (and since he has presumably left for the airport by now, won't until he gets here) but he is in for quite the tour of the city. Oh yes. The highlight of his trip will be on Wednesday when I've got a surprise in store and will definitely be winning the 'Daughter of the Year' award. Not that there is much competition considering that, as far as I am aware, I am the only daughter that he has since John is presumably still male. As for what this surprise entails...well...you will just have to wait until Thursday to find out what happened.

I should be taking this opportunity to start tackling the mess that I currently call my room. I really do not know how such a small space can fall into such a state. It always starts off the week in pristine condition, but is terrible by Friday. As far as I can tell, the transformation takes place on Thursday when I arrive home quite late in the evening and am exhausted from work/class. I tend to just drop my books where ever is most convenient (i.e. the floor) and change into my pajamas as quickly as possible. Since Dad will presumably want to come visit my humble abode at some point in his visit, I suppose I should at least pretend that I am somewhat civilized and try to tidy it. Yeah...not really feeling fussed about it at the moment. Perhaps tomorrow after my run/before I greet him at the hotel.

Note 1: It has been observed by one of the only regular readers of this blog (i.e. my Mum) that the titles of my posts often make no sense when compared to the actual content. I am aware of this. Oftentimes, the title of my posts are lyrics from songs that are currently have a particular meaning to me and have nothing to do with the subject matter discussed in my posts. As such, they can pretty much be ignored. However, if you have free time on your hands and wish to ponder the relation between title and post (as I am sure that some sort of subconscious reason for the association can be construed)...feel free! 

Note 2: My radiator seems to have gone on strike. Hitherto this point, the 'on' light would stay lit for an hour, and the radiator itself would emit heat for perhaps 20 minutes of that hour. But for the last few days, it seems to have decided that this was simply much to work to be getting on with, and so stays 'on' for 2 hours, but emits heat for 5 minutes. How do I know this? Well, I sat next to the radiator for an hour the other day whilst reading and am certain that I felt warmth coming out of it for only 5-10 minutes. What this means for me is that I currently have on every single long-sleeved shirt I own, a hat, my mukluks, and fingerless gloves. I am still cold. Ridiculous.

Note 3: 28 days until I come home! I am so excited! I was once told that you can never truly appreciate home until you've left it. I did not understand what the speaker meant at that time, but I sure do now. After having been on the move since I was 20 (in that I have not really spent more than two months at one time in Scaggsville), I am ready for some consistency. I miss my bed. I miss my parents, brother, grandparents. I miss my boyfriend. I miss my cats (and, I will grudgingly allow, the dog). I miss central heating. When I return to the USA for good (or for the foreseeable future) in May/June, it will come as a bit of relief since I will not be packing up my belongings to head off to another destination.(Gotta pay off that massive student loan first! Gah...)

Note 4: I hope it snows when I am home. Why? 1) I have no place to be that would require trekking through the snow. 2) We (supposedly) have central heating at home. Failing that, there is always my trusty space heater and blankets. 3) Snow shoveling is excellent cross-training.

Upcoming Events:
11/24: Achievement of 'Best Daughter' status
11/27-28: London Running Show (I am such a dork)
12/1: XC race at Hackney Marshes
12/3: OSINT paper due
12/10: Theories paper due
12/17: HOME

Next post: Turkey Day (or: Remembering the day that white Puritan settlers and American Indians celebrated the fact that they had not died of smallpox during the summer, but before they died of starvation/cold in the winter)

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