14 November 2010

I will never again complain about having to go to Harris Teeter or Bloom when I am at home. Today's 3 mile walk in the freezing rain to the Big Tesco was absolutely miserable. It was made worse by the fact that I didn't have an umbrella with me since I was coming back from the gym (and had apparently lost my damn mind since one simply does not travel in London without an umbrella), my bag broke on the way home, and there were massive crowds at Tesco. By the time I returned home at 2:30, the sky outside was already darkening and I felt a sense of increased apprehension set in regarding tomorrow's paper presentation in Oxford (to be addressed in another post on Tuesday). Overall, today has not been pleasant.

Upcoming events:
Mon, Nov. 15: Oxford
Wed, Nov. 17: XC race at Wimbledon
Thur, Nov. 18: Presentation for IPME
Sat, Nov. 19: My Dad arrives!!!

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