10 November 2010

The Lighting of the Regent's Street Christmas Lights

The Christmas season has officially begun! In the UK, at least. While retailers across the pond may have begun to display this season's 'must have' gifts and the latest model of faux Christmas trees, they won't make the full commitment to Christmas until the night of Turkey Day. The UK does not celebrate Thanksgiving and, as a result, start the Christmas season approximately two weeks earlier. Last night, I took a break from my latest stressor to attend the Regent's Street Christmas Light Turn-On. Regent Street was one of the first places in the world to 'light up' for Christmas. This year's theme was centered around the latest Chronicles of Narnia film.

More to come. I'm tired.

Key lesson of today: Today is Wednesday, not Tuesday. I have been so stressed out that I lost track of what day it was and spent much of the morning convinced that it was Tuesday. It was not until I actually looked at my calender and realized that it was Wednesday (and therefore XC practice day), that I became fully aware of my folly.

Off to bed and will write more about Regent's Street tomorrow!

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