08 March 2010

This week: (Mainly to keep track of things for the preservation of my own sanity).

Monday: Work at store 7-9; arch lab 9-5; dinner; start 'Remedies for plague' chapter; ODK meeting @8; finish remedies chapter

Tuesday: work at store 730-930; bio 10-12; lunch; work at store 1-4; grad fair 4-5; grocery shopping; start galenic chapter

Wednesday: arch lab 830-5; finish galenic chapter

Thursday: work at store 730-930; bio 10-12; SMP ROUGH DRAFT DUE @ 2 (AAAHHHH); Phi Alpha Theta induction ceremony @410; special dinner plans

FRI: arch lab 830-1230; HOME for spring break

I predict that I will be quite ill for most of this week. I also predict 3 hours of sleep a night. But I suppose this is what spring break is for -- a time to recover after almost working one's self to death. Ugh.

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