29 March 2010

So spring break came and went. Both of my applications to Oxford were unsuccessful and so it is definite: I will be attending King's College London in September. Oddly enough, I was not quite as upset as I thought it would be. In the end, I think that I was just so tired of waiting, and had realized the pros of going to KCL that I was not as enthused about Oxford as before. KCL is a good university for IR, it is in London (future job opportunities), and the program is one year long. I will graduate with my MA at 23. Besides, this past semester has shown me that I am nearing the breaking point when it comes to school. I have one more good year in me before I am totally burned out academically. While the thought of entering the 'real' world of work is slightly intimidating, I suppose it is best that I do it sooner rather than later. We all have to grow up sometime.

School is progressing as usual. My SMP adviser was happy with what I turned in and is eagerly awaiting the last 3 1/2 chapters. I, on the other hand, am not as eager to hand them in, especially as I have mostly avoided thinking about my SMP for these past two weeks. Ah, well, back to work.

More later:
1. Mackall Barn exhibit opening.
2. Edinburgh
3. Graduation

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