21 April 2009

So what have I been doing since returning from Oxford? Living in the library. Now, don't laugh! I really have been spending all of my time in the library! Surprising, I know.

Exam time is rapidly approaching. I sit Popular Religion on 13 May and Blessed Union on 14 May, both of which are honours exams and therefore require massive amounts of preparation (or so I keep telling myself). Both classes have 11 weeks of material, of which 8 topics will be on the test. I have to choose 2 essays to answer during the three hour period. Not too tough, but I am determined to get all A's this semester and am going to work my ass off. So far, this has meant spending three or four hours at the library each day. Today was day 4 of revisions for Popular Religion, which meant that I spent four hours reading about the role of churchwardens' and their accounts within the parish community. Absolutely riveting stuff, to be sure. I get a bit of a break tomorrow as I am off to St. Andrews to have my grad school interviews with the International Relations and the Sustainable Development departments at the University.

I received my race number and timing chip for the Bupa Great Run Edinburgh on 3 May. It is going to be intense. I am looking forward to it.

A few pictures for your viewing pleasure:

I learned relatively quickly in Dublin that I would make neither a great viking nor medieval warrior.Karen, Veronica, and I at Far From the Madding Crowd for my 'good riddance' party.

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