26 April 2009

Pleasant Things in Life:
1. The weather is absolutely lovely.
2. The climb up to Arthur's Seat yesterday was dry and relatively uncrowded, meaning that I could be alone with my thoughts. Exactly what I wanted.
3. Getting high marks on my workshop assignment for Intro to Medieval Europe and overall for my tutorial for the same class.
4. Running

Annoying Things in Life:
1. The fresher boys in flat 25 (the basement) who play their music during the day at levels that would make dance clubs jealous. Unfortunately, this makes it hard for the rest of us who happen to live at WPR to engage in such important activities as revising, sleeping, or even thinking.
2. The fact that at 9:30AM (one hour after the main library has opened), there are hardly any single desks available anywhere in the library. My beloved second floor reference section (I tend to sit next to the 'Popular Slang' and Catalan dictionaries) is almost always completely full at this point, meaning that I have to trek up to the fourth floor. (I don't really believe that there is a fifth or sixth floor despite the fact that I have been told that they do exist.)
3. The 10-book limit for undergraduates at the library. What if I have to take out more than 10 (as I currently need to do)? It's not as if I am going to be able to read my books in the library, as there are no seats. Ugh.
4. The hospital in Edinburgh, which told me today that my chest pains are being caused by stress. I was aware of this, but I had hoped that by actually seeking medical attention I would, well, get it. They weren't having this, though, and so I left empty-handed save for the instructions to 'de-stress, have some fun, and sleep'. As I made perfectly clear to them, it is exam time. De-stressing is not an option. Fun...a bit more viable. Sleep...not at all (save for the three hours that I get each night).

Contrary to what this seems to suggest, I am not unhappy. Just currently very annoyed. The fact that the music has reached a bed-thumping level makes it rather hard to study (which my mother and father would be most happy to hear considering than I am supposed to be relaxing), but also to read my international relations book (which is what I was going to read in order to relax!) So, I shall attempt to read a bit more about the relations between gender and Lollardy, perhaps read a few pages of the Malleus Malificarum, and then go to bed.

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