29 April 2009

As usual, the past few days have been filled with revisions, running, attempting to start grad school applications, and avoiding Tristan's phone calls. (As for this last point, I am eager to see how long it takes him to figure out a new way to get a hold of me.) It was quite nice out today, so I got dressed up (which is something I rarely do here in Edinburgh due to the wind) and ran some errands in and around George Square. This mainly consisted of returning books to the library, getting out new books for more revising, picking up my honours essays from the History undergraduate office at WRB, and getting information on the MPhil International Relations from the postgrad office at the Chrystal MacMillan building. My essay grades were a bit disappointing, especially for me, and so I returned back to Warrender Park Road in relatively low spirits. (Don't fear: the grades were not bad. The British grading system is much harder than the US's and, as they freely admit, A's are not handed out on a frequent basis. Had I been in the US, these papers would have been A quality work. In the UK, they are B's and, therefore, most disappointing. :( )

In order to boost my spirits, Kelly (who lives in the flat underneath mine) and I bought a 4-pack of Strongbow and sat in the Meadows drinking and talking. In the end, it was a nice afternoon.

Plan for the rest of the week:'
Thurs: Revisions for Blessed Union, last training run for 10k, Beltane Fire Festival at Calton Hill!
Fri: Revisions, walk course for 10k
Sat: Revisions, stretching, light jog
Sun: Great Run Edinburgh 10k race (and then post-race recovery)

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