15 January 2009

Just because I'm losing, doesn't mean I'm lost

After a horrible Tuesday night, in which I ended up sobbing on the phone (Skype) to my father for absolutely no reason at all, I've had a rather pleasant couple of days. I think the cause of my anxiety on Tuesday was that I've realized just how large a university Edinburgh is (25,000 students). Coming from St. Mary's (1,800 students) and CMRS (42 students), it is a bit of a shock to the system. Oxford University has about 20,000 students, but they are seperated into the much more manageable colleges, the largest of which has roughly 700 students. So, yes, I am a bit overwhelmed and Tuesday just happened to be a bad night.

Yesterday, I had no classes at all, which is quite nice since it will provide me with an entire day to spend at the library or preparing my essays (whose deadlines are shockingly close). I went to the sports club fair at Pleasance. Now that is a gym! State-of-the-art in every way, I was amazed by what I saw. St. Mary's gym is nice, but this one makes it look downright dirty. I am still considering whether or not the 60 pound membership is worth it, but will probably end up getting one and going every single day. It is simply too nice not to. The sports fair was pathetically small and some of the organizations were a bit disorganized in their lack of information provided. I looked into joining the Boat Club, but the commitment level required would have meant that I would not be able to travel on the weekends and would have to give up my research trip during spring break (not to mention spending an exorbant amount on a new uni/kit). So...no rowing this semester. I suppose that I will just have to continue ruining what is left of my knees with running.

From 10 to 10:50 this morning, I had my Medieval Europe lecture, the topic of which was the advantageous developments that took place in the later middle ages. Apparently, the classes on Friday are not required and are more like 'helpful information' sessions. This Friday's session is on essay-writing. As I am fairly confident in my essay-writing abilities, and have been assured by my DoS that the essay expectations are the same as at Oxford, I will not be going. Since I also had my other seminar class, The Blessed Union, right after Medieval, I am finished classes for the week. The Blessed Union class has fifteen students and is going to be held seminar-style. The professor is also a graduate of Oxford (Do I see a potential second recommendation source? Hell yes!) and...interesting. She hates the Tudors with a passion (so evidenced in her statements that HEnry VIII was a "gigantic meglomaniac murderous bastard" and Elizabeth "simply couldn't be bothered to marry anyone she considered 'less' than herself".) and, quite possibly, the English nation as a whole. In fact, I've never met a teacher so openly biased. However, at least she admits it. Still, it looks like it will be an interesting class.

Afterward, I went to the Re-freshers' Fair at Potterow (one of the many student union buildings). It was quite a change from Oxford freshers' fair, which took place in the absolutely amazing Examination Schools on High. Still, I signed up for Whisky Society, Politics Society, and the International Relations Forum. If those don't manage to keep me busy then I don't know what will.

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