06 December 2008

Where am I today? I wish that I knew.

I've had one absolutely hellish week. I still love Oxford, but, man, it has been tough. It was eighth week, which is the last official week of term and equivalent to finals week. To be honest, I only just barely made it through.

My schedule:

Sunday: Arrived home from Istanbul around 5:30pm, caught up with friends, attempted to start 'Imperial art' paper but failed.

Monday: Went running in Christ Church, went to History Faculty library, realized that books had been all taken out, went to lunch, went to Bodleian, went to Stained glass, cut glass for bowl and placed it into kiln, went to bodleian, had major freak out due to stress back at St. Michael's.

Tuesday: went running, went to seminar until 1230, ate lunch, went to stained glass, started cutting glass for new bowl as last one did not fire properly, went to bodleian, went to dinner, went to bodleian and started research for Bermuda tutorial paper and seminar paper, went to St. Peter's library until 3am to write 'Imperial art' tutorial paper.

Wednesday: went to History faculty to research, went to lunch, went to stained glass and made jewelry, went to bodleian, wrote colonialism in Bermuda tutorial paper from 4 to 10, ate dinner, sleep.

Thursday: Went running, lunch, continued research for Arthur paper, went to tutorial, went to stained glass, placed bowl in kiln, went to bodleian to research, went to St. Peter's bar with friends, came back and pulled an all-nighter to get my 15 page seminar paper done.

Was up from 730am on Thursday to 1:30 am Saturday.

I spent from 1230am to 1pm writing my seminar paper, edited it, and then turned it in. We decided to go to the club last night to relax, but while there, my purse was stolen. Now I have no way of paying for anything and am really stressed out.

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