03 December 2008


My camera has a video function which allows you to take footage. Unfortunately, the quality is absolutely terrible. But I did make a few attempts to bring the action to those at home.

Here are some of the results:

My Message Home from the Piazza de San Pietro

Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi by Night

Quick Greetings from Italy (Where, apparently, my eyebrow had a spasm attack)

Fake BBC Newscast from St. Peter's Piazza in the Vatican City (Which quickly descended into an attempt to just name every single British thing that we could think of)

Tour of St. Peter's Basilica (Which, unfortunately, did not really turn out that well due to the low video quality. Still, it gives you some sense of the immense size of the place.)

Prayer Call at the Blue Mosque (Our first full day in Istanbul and this is what we heard)

Istanbul by Night/ Blue Mosque by Night, the last night

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