22 October 2008

Taken at last week's CMRS rugby game. This is where I actually scored a point.

I'm sick and dying, but other than that I'm fine.

The past week:

Saturday: Saw the Masked Canterbury Tales at a local theatre. Library until 3am.

Sunday: Worked on stained glass designs and researched paper. pub quiz. Library until 12:30am.

Monday: Running. Stained glass from 11am to 5pm. Library until 2am.

Tuesday: Seminar from 1030-1230. Stained glass from 2 to 5. Library from 10 until 4am. Received email from tutor saying that paper was due by Wednesday at 7.

Today: Paper writing from 10 to 12. Lunch. Paper writing from 1 to 2. Stained glass from 2 to 3. Have been working on my paper since then. . It's at 8 pages with the bibliography. I will be done by 7pm, but I have no idea how good it will be. It's entitled: What contemporary political questions did Sidney respond to in writing The Arcadia and how are they reflected within the text?" I suppose it is my own fault. I made up the question. At least once this is turned in, all I have left this week is tutorial tomorrow at the History Faculty. After that, I can relax and be merry.


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