19 October 2008

Oxford is a crazy place. How do I know this? From the fact that I have spent the last five of seven nights at the St. Peter's College library. All of those times lasted well past midnight, and last night I was at the library until 3AM. Last night was a Saturday night, by the way. Oh geez. I never go to the library at St. Mary's. What is this absolute madness? This goes against almost everything that I stand for. The world will never be the same again...

A run-down of the past few days:
**Monday: Jasy was here. Walking trip around Oxford, breakfast at Cafe Loco, pictures at Christ Church, Bodleian, Oxford Castle. United Nations Association club meeting at Trinity College. After party at Copa. First trip to the library.

**Tuesday: Seminar on Chivalry and Courtly Love. Colloquium on Andreas Capellanus' On Love. First night of the Beard/How To Be A Man Competition for the CMRS Boys. Judging topic: Natural Beard Growth. Winner: Adam. Late night at the library.

**Wednesday: Library most of the day. Second night of the Beard competition. Judging topic: Styled beard. Winner: Garrett. Stayed up to watch the last presidential debate which Obama totally owned, by the way. McCain shot himself in the foot. I mean, Joe the plumber? Come on. And the repeated allegations that Obama associates with terrorists? It has truly turned into a dirty election and I, for one, am sick of it. I'll be glad when it is over. Either way, the person we get has a better chance of being more successful in the presidency than George Bush. That said, the US can't fall much lower in the eyes of the international community. However, I digress. This isn't a political blog...

**Thursday: Phone chat with tutor for the Imperial Theme. First assignment: read Sir Philip Sidney's Arcadia; how does he represent and answer the political questions and themes prevalent at the time of its writing? Ran in Christ Church with Brad and Tony. Winner of Beard competition and third night (mustaches)? Garrett. However, I missed this as I was attending the University of Oxford Islamic Society dinner at Trinity College. It was a free three-course dinner in the Trinity dining hall (very swank) and I got to meet some great people. Afterwards, library until 3:30am.

**Friday: Rudely awakened by fire alarm at 7:30am. Forced to stand outside in the cold for twenty minutes while we figured out what the alarm was all about. It turned out to be nothing. Went to the library. Went running in Christ Church with Brad. CMRS Junior Common Room get-together at University Parks. I went for a run around the park, drank cider, and played a rather fierce game of rugby. I also might have gotten a concussion, but that is beside the point. (And, to those readers with a vested interest in my health and safety, i.e. my parents, I am fine. I was a bit dazed and confused for a few moments after, but I am fine, as is evidenced by the fact that I am writing this in a mostly coherent manner.) US edition of the Office viewing party in the common room. Went to O'Neills (the irish pub) to hear a live band (who did covers of the Kaiser Chiefs and The Pretender's 500 Miles song and quite possibly the only Scottish song to ever make it semi-big) and to Thirst Lodge (the dance club where I keep getting in for free).

**Saturday: Studied/relaxed at Georgina's Cafe in the Covered Market. Watched part of some Quentin Taratino movie. Studied in the library until 3:30am.

Yup. Craziness.

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