23 October 2008

Just got back from a run around Christ Church meadows. I still can't get over how beautiful that place is. One day, perhaps tomorrow, I will actually take pictures of Oxford so everyone back home can see this wonderful place that I can calling home until December.

I ended up turning in my paper promptly at 7 last night. To celebrate, a bunch of us went to St. Peter's college bar (what a marvelous idea!), the Eagle and CHild (where Tolkien frequented) and Copa. It was an interesting night to be sure. But I must say, I love my friends here. I still can't believe how lucky I truly am and how well things have turned out.

Today, I met with my tutor at the History Faculty Building on George Street. It was cool to actually get out of St. Michael's hall for a class. The tutorial meeting went well, even if it did show me exactlty how much I do not know about the Elizabethan era. Oh well, I will just read more this week. For next week's tutorial, I have to read Othello, Antony & Cleopatra, and The Tempest by Shakespeare, and Christopher Marlowe's Tamberlin, and write an essay on "What impression did Elizabethan audiences get of the world from the plays of Shakespeare and Marlowe? To what extent did those playyrights promote the concept of empire>?"

This weekend, I am really going to get lots of work done. I'm going to read for tutorial, do my third stained glass design, copper foil my second stained glass piece, start researching for my integral essay on the 12th century church reforms, and start finding sources for my seminar research paper (15 pages!!!) on The Arthurian Cult. And I have to research the deterioriating political situation in Turkey in order to write my article. Yes, it is true. I may have scored an actual piece of free-lancing journalism work. But I will keep that on the DL (down-low for those who don't know) and share more if it pans out.

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