02 April 2011

Deficit omne quod nasciture

This post is dedicated to my close friend Vince, who was killed last night in a car accident. His car was hit whilst crossing an intersection by a drunk driver who ran the light. In an instant, 23 years of life were ended by the carelessness of another, who emerged from the accident unscathed. It is neither right nor fair...but if there is one thing in this life that I have learned thoroughly, it is that life is not fair.

Vince never liked the idea of blogging and would have hated the idea of having an entire post dedicated to him but, since I am unable to go home to deal with this event and am separated by friends/family/sources of comfort by several thousand miles, this is the only way that I know how to deal. When I first heard the news, I thought that it was some sort of sick April Fool's joke. I sincerely wish that it was. And I still can't believe that he is gone. Even though it has been some months since I last saw him, we talked frequently...the idea that I will never have another chance to see or talk to him is a difficult one.

To everyone who has emailed, called, texted, and generally attempted to either get in contact with or comfort me: thank you. I wish that I could adequately convey how much your efforts mean to me, but I fear that words fail me today. I will respond to your messages in due time, but for the moment I just need to be alone. Sadly, I've lost other friends in the past and so know from experience that this will one day get easier. Well...perhaps not easier. Just a less invasive form of 'difficult'.

This is so hard.

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